Spring? not in Saskatchewan

I’m sure T.S Eliot wasn’t talking about the weather when he said, in his enigmatic opening line of “The Wasteland,” “April is the cruelest month.” Or maybe he was. I’m not sure what spring looks like to the rest of North America right now, but here in Regina, Saskatchewan, it looks like perdition — April is indeed cruel.

Two days ago I was staring out my kitchen window, watching the snow recede, marveling at the prospects of warm weather – skateboards, bicycles, outdoor soccer, not hating life every time I go outside. Then, just when things start to, you know, heat up, spring pulls up her pants and dumps (this on) me.

Spring, you are still so beautiful, and I still want you, but why do you tease me so?

Music: Death Cab For Cutie – You Are A Tourist

I don’t mind washing the dishes, but I find it much more enjoyable to listen to some tunes while I’m swashing my hands in tiny pool of grease and food-bits. I’m not sure why, but I decided to throw on Death Cab’s 2008 release Narrow Stairs, an album which I’ve never really give much of a chance.

I turned it on, and I turned it on loud. Every few minutes I could hear the volume shrinking — my girlfriend wasn’t enjoying my music selection. And I knew why. Narrow Stairs isn’t that great. To be sure, you can listen to the album, maybe even enjoy it on some levels, but, when you consider it in the context of Death Cab’s earlier works, their major label debut is definitely a step down (forgive the pun). The album feels immature.

On may 31 Death Cab will release Codes and Keys, their forthcoming release on the Atlantic record label, and I’m getting pretty excited about it. They’ve released the video for their song “You Are A Tourist,” which runs just under 5 and a half minutes. The video is a one take live shot, complete with glowing hearts, kaleidoscopic light-effects, and refreshingly tasteful aerial shots of dancing women. Both the video and the song deserve repeat listening and viewing. I know that I’ll be humming the melody to “You Are A Tourist” as I eagerly await spring / summer travel. You might too.