This is a freaky photo of me, and a cat.

I know, hardly anyone likes reading a bio, and, of all writing, I find bios extremely difficult to write. Because I’m new to the blogosphere, I sought assistance: the WordPress “Learn” pages. The friendly folks at WordPress advise: “If you aren’t sure what to write, picture yourself writing the short “about the author” blurb inside a book, only about you.”


Taylor Harvey is a — no, I refuse. I will not write in the third person, for I fear I might wither, frozen in my reflection, staring at the pond that is my life.

And, at this point, if you’re in accord with my reading habits, you’re probably thinking: “get to it already!” Trust me. I want to. Well, for the time being, I’ll keep it short and simple (besides, what I’ve written above is probably more of a bio than what will follow, but, alas, here goes).

I’m a fourth year English student. School consumes most my time at the moment, but, when I’m not tearing through books with some sort of theoretical slant, I enjoy music, playing soccer, making beer and wine, and a many other fine leisurely activities. DIY recycled furniture is the most recent on my list. Maybe I’ll blog about it sometime.

A few notes on the content of my blog:

1. All content is original and produced by me (unless otherwise stated). Do not use any of my content without permission.  You can contact me at taylorharvey@gmail.com to request permission to use content from my blog.

2. be continued.

One thought on “About

  1. great stuff…im especailly liking “2.” lol…yea i like reading bios!!! one more thing…love your header lol so funny indeed! great to meet you new blogger buddy! and nice pic

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