This Week In Cute: Slow Loris With a Tiny Umbrella

Is there anything cuter than these slow moving gooey-eyed fur-balls? Hardly. Add a cocktail umbrella to the mix and, well, if your heart doesn’t swell there’s a good chance you don’t have a soul.

19 seconds into the video you’ll notice how the slow loris uses the umbrella for shade, and decides to catch some well needed Zs. The slow loris is nocturnal, so, the umbrella is most likely a welcome shield against the bright fluorescent lights of the — discount electronics store?

As cute as this video is, I can’t help but notice the strange setting of the video. According to Wikipedia, the slow loris is an endangered species who “are hunted for their large eyes, which are prized for local traditional medicine. They are also turned into a wine said to alleviate pain.”

Hold up. These little cuties are turned into wine? (Animals can be turned to wine? whaaaaat??). People harvest these little guys’ eyes? Okay, granted, people are using them for medicinal purposes, so maybe I shouldn’t be so quick to judge, but, they’re endangered. So maybe people could lay off and buy some Tylenol-3s or morphine so the Slow Loris population can replenish.

On a lighter note, when we consider the fact that this Slow Loris is in some sort of a store, I doubt he’ll be turned into wine. After all, his cute umbrella-wielding shenanigans only help his cause. But, even if he is involved in the illegal pet trade, which, on the surface, might seem more humane—as sick patients won’t be guzzling a Slow Loris Chianti—the slow loris breeding pool is shrinking. While this little guy might live a long, happy, and even safe life, there is a near 100% guarantee that he will not reproduce.

Okay, I kind of wish that I hadn’t found out about slow loris wine and the illegal pet trade, because it puts a sad note on an otherwise cute video. But maybe, if more people know about the plight of the loris, their situation might improve. This site has some conservation information.

This week in cute got kind of sad. I’ll close it off with a classic: Slow Loris Loves Getting Tickled